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26 April 2009


Oh. My. GOSH. I am in freaking LOVE with dance remixes. I can't get enough of them. It is practically orgasmic.
I don't know what's wrong with me! I mean I've always had these remixes of mine on my playlists and such,but lately I just can't stop listening in. They are mesmerizing. It's like I can't keep myself from replaying them and replaying them and replaying them over and over and over again. I have become a dance remix addict. This is madness. They are junk food! I guess that makes me a junkie. Phew. I'm on my third time in a row of Lady Gaga's Just Dance dance remix. It may not seem possible, but it IS. And it is SEXX with two x's. AUH.

My Dog Has Issues

I was taking Clara for a longish stroll on the trail this fine Sunday afternoon-approaching-dusk sort of time, and it was very cold. I started thinking about how I was probably the only lunatic who would be taking my dog for a longish stroll at this bizarre time of day and stationary fronts, but it turns out we ran into a few other dogs. The strange thing about these dogs is they didn't respond like normal dogs do to Clara's social ineptitudes (sniffing, looking bewildered, listening to their masters, backing away slowly), but they did exactly what she does. They growled and barked and had all this hostility towards Clara for no apparent reason, which is exactly what she does to other dogs. It was alarming at first to find another dog as insane as Clara when it comes to being within a five-foot radius of any other canine, but once it happened a few more times, I started thinking if maybe everyone who has socially inept dogs takes them out on the trail for longish walks at the same time in hopes of avoiding other normal dogs. Maybe all of us masters with psycho pets find cold, cloudy, strange-time-of-day days to be the safest time to go out with said dogs without encountering any conflicts. If this is the case, we're all just setting ourselves up for disaster.
If all of the abnormally hostile-toward-other-dogs-but-no-other-creature dogs go out at the same time, there is a much higher chance that we will all run into each other along the trail at some point, and ridiculous barking, growling and choking of self in attempt to break leash and maul other dog will ensue. This is bad news. Bad news bears.
Hence, I propose that all psycho dog owners take your dogs out at any time of day when a normal dog would be out, such as mid-afternoon, 8-9am, or even around dinner, when the sun sets. People like walking in the sunset. Or sunrise, for that matter. This way, if any dogs are encountered, chances are they will be normal and the aggression will be one-sided. If everyone starts doing this, than all the abnormal dogs will be equally dispersed throughout the day or night, and you will probably encounter them less. Let the be no more of this antisocial dog segregation time. Let us all live together in relative harmony. Walk your dog when everyone else does.

Black and Blue is I!

I was sparring with Mugs again yesterday, and I gave him a bloody nose. It totally made my day. I also owned Marty at ju jitsu. When we kick box, I'm totally terrified of him, but now that I know I can own him on the floor, I'm not scared at all. Once I was on top there was no stopping me.
So I definitely look like I'm being abused today. I have a huge massive gross bruise on my shin from Marty again, my knees are literally purple all over, my thighs have micro-bruises, my hips have bruises, my lower back, shoulders, tops of my feet and my forearms all have bruises. Plus I have a mark on my forehead from when Marty threw an empty Sunny Dee container into the ceiling fan and it came at me. Good times.
Anyway, so I'm definitely feeling more confident in my fighting skills, and Mugs is probably going to start trying harder. Yesterday we worked on defense. We also had a water fight which was very hard to clean up. Haaaaaa but it was fun. I want to punch someone in the face to prove my nosebleed-inducing skillage.

24 April 2009

Just Fan

Well, I trained with Mugs. It was quite the adventure. It was on Wednesday, and I'm still aching.
We ran 3.75km, which isn't like a huge heaping amount or anything, but I haven't run since August. So my running muscles are kind of lacking, and my thighs--oog. It hurts to move. Ha ha. Then, since we do ju jitsu and wrestling on his tile floor, I have half a million bruises and it kind of looks like I've been abused or something. At least it did yesterday. The bruises on my arms are fading pretty quick, but I have them on my shoulders, lower back, tops of my feet and especially on my knees. Plus when I sparred with Marty (PS Marty was there too) we both went to kick at the same time and I got his knee right in my shin. It's very swollen and gross-looking. I also know how to take a punch in the head a little better, but they're obviously not punching me full force. Especially Marty. I would be out cold. He's huge.
It was a blast! I had an uber good time. Plus I went to this thing at church and talked to the infamous Jason Katelyn and Alex always ramble on about and he's thinking of starting ju jitsu as well, and I totally encouraged him and we talked about it and MMA and UFC and all. It was great. I felt so man.
The only downer is Katelyn apparently has a tendency to smack my knees, so she keeps hitting my knee bruises and it hurts like madness. And they're not healing. Ha ha! Anyway, I'm going to Mugsy's around 10:30 tomorrow morning to train again, and probably run for longer. He is a very good trainer. He'd use a whip if he had one.
Champ arms!

The picture of Rachel I put up here because she looks sexy. Good work, dearest.

21 April 2009

Prepare the Planet for the Coming Madness

Oh yeah. Mugford has been teaching me how to fight, which is awesome. Tomorrow he's going to start training me hardcore so I can be a ju-jitsu-boxing-sparring-martial artsing-awesomeness champion. I'm excited because in good time I will be in uber shape and I'll know how to fight, which is always a good thing to know, but I'm also terrified because we're goign for a run :S and I haven't run since August. I'm going to die. I'll let you know of its intensity when I get back tomorrow. I'll take pictures or something.
Or maybe I'll just tap Mugsy out and skip the workout completely. haahhaha!

I'm Sleepy.

And I play hearts too much.

17 April 2009

Clara Darling

I went for a stroll with Clara the other day. I took pictures. It was nice, if cold.

15 April 2009


Katelyn and I are having quite the adventure today.
It was wonderfully bright and sunny and warm out today, and that was good. It was like 20 degrees. I had made plans to hang with the Tyrants at lunch today, but we somehow managed to not meet each other, so I sought Katelyn and Alex out and we sat outside and it was wondrous. It was uber awesome, and Chalyne and Alyssa and others showed up so we all hung out together, and we got semi-tans. These semi-tans inspired us to tan later on Katelyn's deck.
So after, on our way home, we got to talking about cheese and eggs, and we decided to make cheesy eggs at Katelyn's and I brought the goat cheese from my place. Except when we got there, the door was locked and Katelyn didn't have her key, because she was expecting Andrew to be home to answer the door. So we weer locked out on the stairs for a little bit, but then I asked if we couldn't just hop the fence magically and be on the back deck, and she agreed.
I was stuck doing the fence-hopping, because I am more nimble I suppose, and I got a sliver, but it was all good. Then we were on the back deck but the door there was locked, so we had to stay there.
Well, I had my cheese and my tanning stuff, so I stripped down and ate some goat cheese until Andrew and Donna came home, which was like half an hour later, and then I hung around for like five and then left to go back home. It was pathetic and ridiculous. I went to her house to starve, get a lack-of-tan, be locked out and read. Like as if we just read the whole time! Did I mention that? Anyway. That was the day.

14 April 2009

DBZ to the Max

I felt sort of silly for not putting a picture of Muggy up here, seeing as he was part of our epic evening. So here he is, ladies and gents.
Then Bonwick and I were having this uber geeky conversation about DBZ, and about who is the better character....actually, you know what? I'll just copy and paste it into here. If you don't want to read it, I'll summarise: We argued about whether Goku or Piccolo was better (he even got Mugford to turn against me), and then did character fusion, and then he made me Piccolo in the picture he has of all of us as DBZ characters. I highly suggest you read it, it will be awesome.
The argument didn't make it on here, something went wrong. But the fusion is here. Oh, the fusion.

Goku and Piccolo are both cool.
Yeah I know but Piccolo, to me, is cooler. There. How's that? We have different thoughts.
We should do fusion and make Picoku.
Or Gokulo.
I like Piccoku. Hmm. But I also like Gokulo...ok. I'm going to go with Piccoku. Oh know what we should fuse? Raditz and Brolly.
Broditz. Yeah. Ha ha.
Ha ha. Or Raly.
Raly is LAME with a capital AME. Brodtiz has flow.
Marty is Vegeta.
Oh is he? Ha ha! Who is your least favourite character?
I like Vegeta.
My least favourite is Gohan.
Me too!
He's annoying.
Always crying when he should be kicking ass.
Ha ha.
He can't. He's too stupid and tiny.
Imagine if Vegeta and Raditz made Veditz!
Or Vecolo.
Good mix! Very, very good mix!
Or Vehan.
Hah! Oh no.
Or Brogeta.
That would be severely intense. It would be like super saiyan 16.
Ha ha.
I'm likin Veccolo though. My two faves.
Freiza and Goku. Goza or Freku?
Freku!!!!! Hahahhaa! I was jsut ttrying to decide which for Frieza and Gohan. Goza? Nah.
Gohan and Goku = Hanku
Hanku!! Ha ha. Or Gogo.
Or Bulma and Vegeta. Bulgeta.
Bulegta sounds fattening.
Ha ha.
Ha ha.
Who would go with Cell?

Buell, Buu and Cell. Or Android 17 and Android 16 could fuse and make Android 33.

HAHHAHAHHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! OK. I think that concludes our fusing!!!! That was an awesome ending. Good work Bonwick.
Thank you.
Wow. That whole conversation was uberly geeky.
Whatever. It was also epic.
Ah yeah.

And that's the story! Sorry if I lamed you out. I'm off to go read a book that reminds me mysteriously of Luaks and I and Katelyn.

11 April 2009


I had an uber night with the Circle of Tyrants. Except they kept changing the group name, so I don't actually know if it's Council or Circle of Tyrants or Council of Tyrants or House of Tyrants. I brought my camera, which was a plus. So there is evidence of this madness. We actually did NOT play DBZ for once. We went outside and things. It was good stuff. I ate an apple because the carnivorous ones demanded pepperoni pizza. It was a blast.

Everyone except Mugford, clockwise from left: Luaks, Marty, Bonwick, me.

PS to Last Post

The Council is now called the Circle of Tyrants, thanks to a fabulous facebook picture.

Oh Birthday, You Came and You were Wonderful.

Oh my gosh! I haven't posted since April 4? Wow. Ha ha. What's funny about that is, when I saw that date I somehow thought that it meant I hadn't blogged in over a month because I thought it was March 14 and March came after April. Wow. I am having issues.
Ok, so my pre-birthday was made up of supreme sickness and hostility and anger and paranoia and disappointment and overall crappiness. But my actual birthday celebrations turned out uber awesome!!!
Last Saturday (April 4) I was called by Luaks from Mugford's house, and Mugford wasn't there but Marty was, and they invited me over, so I met them part way and we went to Mugford's house and hung out and had a blast and played video games and such. Then we went to Bonwick's hosue and played DBZ (Dragonball Z) for like three hours, and DJ came over too. It was a gooooood time.
Then the next day I kind of hung around for a while by myself, which was fine, but it was like, aw, shucks. Because it was my birthday. But then my parents gave me a pair of pants, and it was good. And then. And THEN!!!
Aw, it was so cute! It totally made my day. Marty, Bonwick, Luaks and Mugford called me and said they had soemthing for me. And I'm thinking what? They bought me a gift? Why would they do that? But they didn't. They sang me happy birthday over the phone! It was so pathetic and cute, it made me so happy. All these off-key male voices booming out of my phone. It was amazing. I was so pleased. I know it's kind of a silly thing to be really happy about, but I just thought it was so cute!
Then they invited me over to play DBZ again, and I agreed, so they came to pick me up and had some cake.
Then when I got there we played and such and Luaks told me he had news that I would be "pleasantly pleased" about, but it was for tomorrow, and I said he couldn't just say that, it was mean, because now I was all curious. So he called a "Council Meeting" with Bonwick and Mugford and Marty and they went into the broken sauna to have a meeting. They came out and then Luaks took me into the sauna, and long story short, we're dating.
I was indeed pleasantly pleased.
I was unpeasntly displeased when I told Alex we were dating and she was like oh.....I feel bad for J---, his ex that he was leaving for me. I was liek SHUT UP you're supposedf to be happy for me. I mean I understand, and I felt bad too, but I was more happy for me than sad for her. Anyway. Alex is all on-the-fence about us because she can't decide if she wants to be happy for me or sad for her. She hasn't told me that exactly, but I know that's why she's on the fence.
Katelyn approves. Thinks we are "cute".
Rachel disapproves.
Anyway, so we played DBZ for a long time again and ate snacks and then I went home. It was an awesome birthday gift.
Then I had a mediocre birthday follow-up week, as there was a lot of stuff going around about Luaks and I and not all of it was good, so yes.
But then on Thursday!!!
Katelyn had invited me to a party, which she has sometimes for no reason, so I was going to go obviously. It had been postponed from the Friday before because so many people couldn't come. The thing that was curious about this one was that Katelyn had said Colton could come, as well as actually inviting Luaks personally. Usually these are girl's night parties, but I just thought you know, whatever. She wants them there, then she wants them there.
Then on Thursday Luaks was worried he wasn't going to be able to get a ride in, as he doesn't live in town, but he managed to and he broght Steve along with him, who lives down the road from him. I was thinking, Steve? Why is Steve here? And Luaks said Steve was coming to the party. I was definitely concerned. Why the heck would Steve want to come? It was usually all of us just sitting around eating pizza, playing Rock Band, being dumb, mauling each other. The usual girly things (haha). So I warned Luaks and Steve, and I was very concerned for their sanity.
Anyway, the time came for us to go to Katelyn's, and we went. I was liek oh goodness, this will be interesting. Plus I told Steve Katelyn was into him without her wanting me to, so that would also be interesting.
But then when I went downstairs, there was streamers and things all around. They finalyl realised I had arrived, and shouted SURPRISE!!!!!
It was a surprise party! Obviously. But I was so excited! I was so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Oh my gosh, it was wonderful. Emily, denBok, Burma, Alex and Katelyn were there, and Steve and LUaks too, of course, and I was so excited. I was hugging everybody liek there was no tomorrow. They gave me cards and gifts, and an awesome time, and pizza of course, and they even went to teh trouble to make me a cake froma cake mix. It was wonderful. We did some kinky things with the cake later, but that is not for blogging. We all swore to confidentiality.
It was teh greatest thing ever! I was so happy. I now understand what the "secret conversations" ewre about. I'm so happy. I love you guys. I love you boys for being so wonderfully simple at loving, and you girls for putting the effort into my party. You guys are the greatest. I had the greatest time. I'm so happy about it. It was SO CUTE!!
And I love you guys. Hugs all around. And kisses.

04 April 2009

Pre-Birthday Blues

Wow. I am having a rough week.
I need a hug.
I can't believe this has been the lead up to my birthday. What a load of FREAKING CRAP.

Still FNEHing, not as badly.

Monsters vs. Aliens definitely makes my AWESOME ANIMATED MOVIES list. Not to be confused with Excellent Movies list.
Today I rediscovered the paranoid bus-waiter in me. I allowed myself to sleep in today, in hope that it might be a step in the right direction on my road to healing from this impossible illness, and it proved to lead to quite an interesting adventure.
After my shower and such, I put Clara's leash on and opened the door to take her out, when lo and behold, what should be waiting at my back door but a bloody, dismembered rabbit. I stared at it in shock. It was very gross. All its insides were gone, so I could see its spine and the leftovers and the skin was flipped inside out at the seams and its feet were facing wonky directions and it had no eyes. Clara was staring at it excitedly, obviously the one who had left me this disturbing gift, and I shut the door. I took her out the front.
I felt kind of bad for Clara, because she had worked hard to get that rabbit, and was proud of her handiwork and brought it me for approval (and I somehow missed it when I let her in last night), and here I was shunning it. But really, I mean, am I supposed to tell her she's the greatest for bringing me a huge fluffy carcass? (I say huge because it was the biggest rabbit I'd ever seen.)
So I was having this incredibly bad hair day, and I was in the mirror trying to fix it for ages, and I heard the bus go by at quarter to ten, and I was like alright, sweet, I'll take the quarter after bus and be there a little late. I got my hair to look semi-good eventually (believe me, it worsened by the end of the day--stupid humidity), and I packed my purse and was all set.
So I was in the bus stop, waiting.
And waiting.
Annnnnd waiting.
Why wasn't the bus coming? I started to get all paranoid again. What if it never comes? What if I already missed it? What if I end up waiting here forever? How long will I have to wait until I decide it's not going to come?
Twenty minutes, it turned out. I was standing there, terrified out of my wits for the stupid bus to come for twenty minutes. I don't know why it didn't come! I thought maybe it was just being late, then I thought maybe there was a roadblock somewhere, but then wouldn't it have found a detour? Not like the roads are particularly busy around here. I kept getting uber-paranoia about the bus, mixed withbeing extremely patient for this kind of thing, and it was bad news.
The stupid bus didn't end up coming for whatever reason, which was really frustrating, so I started to head off and be even later than I had planned for, when I realised I had forgotten my cell phone and Colton was supposed to call me later, so I turned and went to my house and grabbed it.
I speedwalked and was a good 35 minutes late. Lukas came at me running and practically knocked me over with a hug. Steve nearly broke my ribs with his hug. I was missed. Rousell didn't notice the difference. Might as well have been there the whole time.
So, that was my big adventure. I waited for a bus that didn't come. I suppose that justifies my paranoia a little, but being paranoid about the bus is still weird. I was thinking about my blog while I was in the bus stop before my thought became totally obsessed with bus issues.
When I came home, the rabbit was under a garbage bag held down by bricks. I don't know who did that.
Colton didn't end up calling me, I talked to him later on facebook.
Big day.

01 April 2009


I have been sick since Monday and there is no end in sight. This is the worst cold or flu or whatever it is I've ever had. My neck was really sore the first day, pounding headache, then all over crappy grossness, then reallllllly bad fever, then nautious all day/headache, and then more headache today PLUS a huge lack of sleep because it keeps waking me up, as I can't breath through my nose that is uber stuffed. I have been trying to clear my sinuses for so long and so much....I am starting to feel like Felix, and everyone else is Oscar. I'm sorry world. I'm not enjoying this any mroe than you are.
In related news, I took a sip from Kaityln's water bottle and proceeded to wrap my tongue around it a few times so it was nice and smothered with my infected saliva. Transfer of sickness totally intentional. Will let you ghosts know if it works! :D
Feel fat and lazy for number of reasons.
Still unemployed, should probably get on that.