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25 September 2009

Don't take that bike seat

So very sorry indeed for my lack of blogging. Today I had quite an adventure, so I think it is a worthy candidate to restart my blogging journeys.

I went to work today, which in itself is rather mundane, but as a note, I rode my bike. My brother once rode my bike to school and got it stolen and he recently just bought me a new replacement bike, so I'm trying really hard to keep it not stolen. Anyway, I rode it to work, and to prevent theft, I locked it to a tree where it was hidden and also surrounded by thorns, which proved to be effective, as it was not stolen (yes!). I removed my quick-remove bike seat to further prevent theft, and I took it with me into work.

Alexandria worked at the same time as me, and we were going to finish at the same time, so her father, Mr Alex, planned on giving me a ride. Work itself was very good, as always. After work, we bought sundaes for Katelyn (who we were hanging out with later), Alexandria and myself, so we went behind the counter to make them ourselves. Alexandria was paying, so I went to go make the sundaes and in doing so I left my bike seat on the front counter. After we had that all set, we left.

We unlocked my bike and put it in Mr Alex's trunk and headed out, and after Alexandria had grabbed her stuff from her house and we got to my house to drop off my bike, we discovered I had no bike seat. It was very curious indeed. My first assumption was that I had left it in the bushes. I felt very bad for Mr Alex, but he gracefully offered to drive us back to the bushes to search for said seat. On the way, we grabbed Katelyn, who was looking ever-fabulous in striped boxers, a huge Spongebob t-shirt, her mom's blazer and pink fuzzy slippers.

Well, we drove all the way back to the bushes, only to discover there was no seat to discover. We even double-searched with no luck. I suddenly came to the realization that I had left my seat on the counter when I made the sundaes and failed to retrieve it. There was hope! I was 100% sure that's where I left it. We then commenced to sprint to work with me in the lead, Alexandria close behind and Katelyn pulling up the rear, yelling about her coldness and how we're running too fast and she has slippers on. I could not stop laughing at how very ridiculous it was.

We finally got into to the store, and lo and behold, there is Josh, holding my bike seat (with new found greasy [grease from fries, etc] fingerprints on it), as well as a huge lineup of customers at the counter and practically every staff member at the window. Why in the world everyone was at the window, I have no idea, because there is usually only three people up there, but that night, at that time, of course everyone decided to stand collectively in a clump in varying degrees of uselessness. So everybody saw us come into the store and it was hilarious.

Anyway, that is my big adventure. I will make sure to keep my bike seat on hand next time. After that adventure went down, we continued to Katelyn's house to talk about work for about an hour and a half and then go to bed. This would be much less depressing/pathetic if our Friday night hadn't been planned to be much more exciting. You see, our plan was to have a poker party with Burma, Emily, Alexandria Katelyn and I, but Emily made new plans and therefore canceled on us, Burma canceled on us because she had to "watch her dog" and I forgot my wallet, so I couldn't contribute to the pizza fund, and the other two had very little money, so they could only buy a medium pizza with on topping and they only ate one slice of it each. Then this morning I had to get up and leave right away because I had to work again.

So I guess I fight mediocrity with my excessive loser tendencies.

14 September 2009

Magic Jack

14 days of September and only one post. Again, bad.
Anyway, today I'm feeling kind of OK. Bit of a stressful day, but we got through it, and here we are, so it's all good. I plan having stress release at dance tonight.
Ah yes, dance. First class was on Thursday, and it was AWESOME. I felt thoroughly relieved of, like, I don't know, everything. Not that anything was particularly wrong, but I felt awesome afterward. It's such a release to dance. My whole life feels like rainbows.
Sorry this post failed. I'll get better. Maybe later tonight.

10 September 2009


Wow. I haven't posted in 17 days. That is really bad.
Well, my first excuse will be that I was simply distracted for a few days. I don't always post every day, so few-day distractions are acceptable.
My next excuse is that I went to go visit family for four days, driving all over the place, so I obviously wasn't blogging then.
When I returned from that journey, I was in no mood to blog, as I was tired, plus bogging meant sitting and I had been sitting in a car a very long time and was not exactly itching to plunk down and do it again.
After the one night in my own bed we left again to go visit more family, so for those two days I did not blog.
Then it was the last day before school so I spent it outside tanning and having good times with Katelyn and Mugs and Indian food.
I finally felt the urge to blog, but the computer was screwed. So I couldn't physically blog. It was terrible.
Now the computer is not screwed, so I am explaining my lack of any bloggish connection for 17 days, and that's about it. I will also mention that I will probably be blogging less now that school has started so you ghosts should definitely not be expecting a blog every day.
This semester I have Anthropology/Psychology/Sociology, Fashion, Functions and Physics. Anthro is pretty cool right now, but I imagine it will get better as time goes on and we become more involved in the subjects and such. Fashion, so far, is turning out to be pretty lame, consisting of a superfluous detail of our teacher's experiences in PEI as she positively fell at the feet of her PEI Dirt Shirt, which is actually really ugly, as well as ripping out magazine pictures to illustrate via collages as to "why people wear clothes". Functions is Functions, still mostly review, and Physics is the same (but I have Purdy, so plus!).
I gotta split!