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25 June 2010

Listen, Listen, Listen

I'm kind of realising I don't put as much effort into my blog as I used to, and I'm OK with it. It used to really bother me when I had breaks from blogging flow and it still does to an extent, but I know that it only happens because I am living life outside of the internet and if that creates conflict then what should I worry about? I don't want to feel like I have to apologise for my real life, so I won't. That's not to say I'm giving up on my blog because I most certainly am not. I'm just coming to terms with my personal inconsistencies, both inside this hopeful blog and out there in the world of palpability.

Although, I do wish I had more thoughtful blogs when I do write them. There was one blog I really wanted to write and I even made mental notes, that is in plural, about it, but I have since forgotten. My most favourite posts are more often than not the ones in which I contemplate abstract ideas and usually wander off into the Nowhere land of my head. This actually happens a lot, usually a few times a day at least, but only now and then do I consider such thoughts as blogs. Somebody once told me that if he thought as hard and often as I did his head would probably explode, and I really didn't know what to make of this. I hadn't even realised what I might look like when I think. I sort of assumed it was an airhead-like look, because my mom says I am in La-La Land, but I guess not. And I do think hard quite a lot. It's this silly imagination of mine, so vivid and elaborate. I don't really have it on a leash.

This is partially why it's so easy for me not to do things. It's not that I forget to do them, or am avoiding doing them, I just get lost in my head and then when someone asks me what I'm doing, I don't really have an answer so it seems like I'm procrastinating or being rude or spacing out. I'm not doing any of those things. I'm just thinking.

I can stop thinking, if you'd prefer.

...Actually I don't think I could.

Thinking is my secondary life force.


I did it! I did it I did it I did it I did it!


And it's finally over with!

That actually went by surprisingly quickly. But it's all done now! I can't wait to impulse buy! I can't wait to just go into a store with no particular goal and some moolah and then come out with a bundle of goodies! I'm so stoked!

Ah, but I get ahead of myself. My first order of business is not to impulse buy, but to do what I had hoped this vow might teach me to do (but so far, I don't think it really has--we shall see once I get back into the shopping game), that is, buy something I planned on buying the first place and nothing else. This premeditated purchase is an "I (heart) Kurt Hummel" tee, which I plan to have made at the Graphic WEARhouse sometime in the next week or so. It will be awesome. Maybe I will have "gleek" put on the back. Who knows. Either way, I have been deeply looking forward to this since about a week into my vow.

Wow, setting a goal like that makes me realise how quickly the time goes. I guess when you're not paying attention to when the time will be up it goes by without noticing. Honestly, that is the first long-term goal I've really ever set for myself and it feels really good to know I actually did it. It made the time seem more present. Perhaps I will learn from that realisation. Most liekly I will not.

Clothes! Yes! Dresses! Even more shirts! Skirts! PANTS! YEEEEEEEEEEESS!!!!!!

24 June 2010


Alright. So guess who's had a life for the past while? Callie has! And it has prevented her from blogging. Shucks, eh? Well, I won't be doing an actual, thought-out blog today, or at least not right now, because that will take longer than I have time for (my life is still existent-even as I type this). I've got a busy weekend ahead of me, which may possibly include auditioning for another musical (?).Still debating, although I have a monologue and song prepared. We shall see. CJ is, so he will probably persuade me to.

So, real blog soon to come, I hope. In the meantime I am working on lsitening to this endless playlist Sherman gave me and I am currently on song fifty of one hundred. I know it isn't actually endless, but it's very long. I like it.

I thought I'd post this video partially because it has always been a favourite FOTC song of mine, but mostly because I had a dream last night that I was in a sort of blend of some of my other dreams and a party-type setting, and among others, mostly those from the musical, Jemaine Clement was there and we were hanging out and the whole time I was trying to get him to sleep with me. Oh Jemaine is the one with the obnoxious sideburns and is strangely attractive in his unattractivenss, for those who don't know. It was very vivid, as are all of my dreams, but also very strange and hilarious now that I think of it. Ha, ha, ha. Sometimes dreams really do depict your deepest desires.

I mean...

Did I say that?


15 June 2010

Of Sunshine?

Rays of murder

You murdered me
By crushing my dreams.

14 June 2010

A Connection Site Full of People I Don't Connect With

So I have decided it's time I clean out my facebook friends. Give it a good sweep of the people I'm not really friends with/don't communicate with in any way.

This was decided for two reasons:

1. I know that I don't actually have 328 friends and while some of them are good to have on facebook even if they aren't my friends, most of them aren't, so I might as well look as popular as I am, which, believe me, is not having 328 friends. I don't think it's even possible to have that many friends that are actually your true friends. I know 328 is not nearly as bonkers as some people who have cataclysmic amounts of "friends" but it's bonkers enough for me.

2. I was looking at my profile, which I do now and again, and I looked over at my friends to see a person called "Nile D J Kizza". For real. I clicked on him and he is from London, England and his current status is "Woooo Goooo Southhh Koreaaaa!!! You Can do itt!"


While deleting, I also found these gems:

Alev Kudret Başaran from Turkey-This woman is friends with a bunch of young, attractive girls. Sounds like a creepy dude in disguise.

Dan Tempelaar-My sister's high school boyfriend, whose current status is "Your erotic, wet atomic, eyes keep reoccuring in my mind. Do me a favour please and touch your lips to mine." and his profile picture is of him and a girl with pink photoshopped stars all around. Sorry, Dan, but really, do I talk to you?

Edward Cullen

Gabrielle Michelene-Your status is about four lines long and it is of very awful song lyrics.

Dana Kohl-Nelson (Dana Kohl-Nelson)-I didn't remove her, but why is your name in brackets right after your name....?

Chad Maxwell-Political views: Marijuana Party of Canada. Religious views: Rastafarian. Status: "; where all the stoners at?" Definitely my type of guy.

Brittany Hannon-In the thing beneath her profile picture it says "sukka ma dikka". Mhm.

Harleen Mamotra-I don't have any reason other than I don't know her, but I thought I'd mention her cool name.

Landon Kim-Profile picture is of a cat with a mohawk, war paint, piercings and the caption "I'm so gangsta!!"

I also got rid of people I haven't talked to in at least three months, people I don't know, people who don't actually exist (there is a mysteriously large number of these people) and people who I have twice for some reason.

I kept good acquaintances, friends, best friends and family.

I deleted some people I know, but hey, if you didn't miss talking to me all this time you probably won't miss talking to me now.

I realise this post must have been incredibly boring, but I wanted to share my housekeeping with you for reasons even I don't know.

Only 133 friends now.

Ahhhh. Feels good.

13 June 2010

His Hands

As Chloé once did with our ingenious phrases, I shall do with mine and Joe's, that is, I shall publish once impertinent conversation as beautiful and strange poetry.

And claw his weird hands
His hands totally are weird
Justin-Price Matthews: getting my drink on

-By Callie McIntosh and Joe Crozier
I think we should write a book on it. We meaning everyone who makes thoughtless speech into profound verse. You heard. Profound.

12 June 2010

Good Morning

Almost done my painting! So close. I just have to do the umbrella and touch up a few spots, which hould take about maybe three hours or less. Then I shall start on my next painting immediately afterward and hopefully it turns out as nice as this one has. And then another and then another and another. On and on.

Last night was a really giantic thunderstorm, so gigantic, in fact, that it actually woke me up briefly. This is big news because I am an incredibly deep sleeper and I can sleep through almost anything. Not this time though. So the point is not my sleeping, it is Clara, my dog. She freaks out in thunderstorms as I've probably mentioned on here and last night I guess she somehow managed to escape. Fortunately, some girl was walking home last night and Clara followed her and this girl just happened to work at a dog sitting place that is associated with Clara's vet. So they looked at her tag and called us up this morning and said to come and get her. So I had to wake up early on my sleeping in day to go fetch my psycho dog from the most random location for a dog place which was across town (I'm still wondering how she got all the way over there without dying).

I tried to get back to sleep but I couldn't and it sucked. So I laid in bed for about half an hour then I got up, read the comics and here I am, telling you ghosts about my lame morning and how much lamer it is going to become: I'm writing a thing on Othello. Woo. I'm going to do that today, paint if I have time and then go to work at four (I think?). When I get home I'll probably just do nothing until I go to bed. Tomorrow I don't know exactly what I'm doing other than church but I'm relatively sure it won't be much of an improvement on my weekend so far.

Gah! I really don't want to start writing. I somehow managed to hunker down and crank out my huge essay on the influence of technology on art in a few hours (mind you, I didn't even really revise it because I'm a slacker) but this stupid little one page thing I don't even want to think about. It doesn't make sense! Ugh. I guess I'd better stop wasting the internet's already overcrowded space and get to work. Sorry this post sucked so much. I just wanted to share with you how stupid my Clara situation was. I know I should be happy she was well taken care of, and I am, but I'm bitter about my sleep.

11 June 2010

Noodle Hair

I had an interesting day today.

I have been unusually tired this week, which doesn't really make sense since I haven't been doing anything too out of the ordinary, but I have been simply aching for Saturday to come around so I could sleep in and feel good again. This morning however, I decided I couldn't push myself through one more tired day and after I got up, took a shower and walked the dog I went back to bed and slept until 12:30. It was awesome to say the least. So when I got up I had toast and delicious yogurt and tea for breakfast after walking the dog again, which was also awesome. I then read a magazine for a while and decided it was painting time.

I started painting at around three and took two breaks to walk the dog and eat a quesadilla, and I stopped painting at nine. That makes, including time lost in breaks, about five and a half-ish hours of painting today. Phew. Hard work indeed! At least I had an interesting adventure in the mix.

As I was walking Clara on my first painting break I saw this guy in plaid shorts with a clipboard going from house-to-house and I assumed he was doing some sort of municipal check up or something and went on with my walk indifferently. Only about ten minutes later, who should show up at my door but plaid shorts and clipboard guy. He asked if the homeowner was in and I said nope and asked when a better time would be and I said I don't know, because I really don't, and he said thanks and left. The whole time he was talking he kept glancing up at my hair which was curious. He seemed to find it fascinating.

I went back to painting and then about five minutes later I heard a knock at the door again, so I got up and there is plaid short clipboard guy again! I'm thinking what in the world does he want? I answered the door and he said, "Sorry to bother you, but could I have a glass of water? It's really hot out there." Really. Hm. I invited him into the doorway and gave him some water and it turns out he tries selling people water furnaces or something else random like that and he usually sells about three a day. One time he had a day where he sold six. Big news in the door-to-door water furnace business. As he stood there I won't deny I checked him over, because despite his ridiculous job he was rather good-looking. He had nice grey eyes and black hair. He kept mentioning that he "went to school" and I think he was trying to get me to ask about it/prove this was just a job, not a career, but I really could have cared less and decided not to pursue it. Then he left and I went back to painting. It was really very strange and random that he should come back to me instead of just asking the house he was at, but nonetheless, it made for a blog. Perhaps he just wanted to stare at my hair some more.

I end today with a long, long sigh, filled with satisfaction and exhaustion and contentedness and silliness.

10 June 2010

My Big Laundry Story

So I was doing some laundry by hand as I am a person who washes my clothes exactly as they say to be washed on the tags because I don't want them to shrink or fade or stretch or whatever other horrid things might happen as a result of incorrect washing. It may be hard to believe, since I am the offspring of a woman who washes everything the exact same no matter how obviously different the articles are, but I know I must take care of my clothes if I want them to last. This is especially true for expensive clothes, which is a good number of mine, because I also believe that you get what you pay for. This has reigned true in my experience.

Anyway, I wash washing a sweater because it was effing cold enough to wear one and I was laying it flat to dry, as per the care instructions. I like to speed up this slow drying process ever so slightly by laying the article between two thick towels and walking on it to squeeze out water and wrinkles at the same time. I had the sweater between towels and as I walked around on it I began getting distracted by my thoughts as always. I inadvertently began to stomp my feet to squeeze more water out quickly because some idea had compelled me to want to be elsewhere, but when I realised I was stomping my feet I paid attention to that and stomped even harder.

Well, things got carried away and pretty soon I was hopping on the sweater; then it got even worse and I was seeing how high I could jump. I was jumping higher than I expected. So there I was, looking like a lunatic as I jumped around on a wet towel in my bathroom by myself without even some music to justify what I was doing. Unfortunately, this story is sort of anticlimactic because nobody walked in on that, but I did get a huge headache after I stopped jumping, from rattling my brain, I suppose. Either way, it was still awesome and I thought it might give you some wonderful and ridiculous images to make you smile. I'm only here to brighten your day.


Why is ant hill sand different from regular sand?
Why do they bother embedding nice things like flowers into toilet paper?
Why are there always pencils when I don't need them and no pencils when I do need them?
Why is underwear so enticing?
Why does tartar sauce taste so damn delicious?
Why do my camera batteries die right when a photo opportunity is presented?
Why does recess only happen in elementary schools and court?
Why do they publish awful books?
Why do they patent dumb ideas?
Why is everything on sale when I'm saving?
Who comes up with all the font types?
Why do I only start thinking hard when I'm trying to fall asleep?
Why do forks have four prongs?
Why don't more people use sporks?
Why won't Batman marry me?
Why is it so hard to draw a straight line?
Why can't there just be silence sometimes?
Why aren't more people happy?
Who decided silent letters were necessary?
Why can't things just make sense?

09 June 2010

A Whole Bunch of Photos.

Simon demonstrating some guy's workout he saw at the gym


Simon's watch case with him in the background
Shel Silverstein
A children's educational book

CJ and I

07 June 2010

In Kentucky

Thought this was interesting. Makes it look like the cardboard itself is free.
A girl I sketched while in the waiting room at the doctor's today.
Didn't get to the extremities, as usual. That requires a pencil. Her head is just slightly large, which was unintentional, but it seems childish, which gives a reason for her discomfort about being nude.

Welcome to the Internet

The goats themselves are sort of interesting, but I like this video because of the dude who starts it off. He seems like he has some good and maybe funny things to say but every time he sees an opportunity to demonstrate his wit he gets shy and decides he's better of mumbling and being factual. Ha, ha, ha. Makes for quite a clip. Oh and don't you dig the very poorly edited footage summary at the end? Very necessary. The credits are also really awesome. It appears this video was not directed by anyone, which is unsurprising.

06 June 2010

Do I Seem Bulletproof?

Unfortunately I can't embed this video "by request", so here is the link to the video I wanted to post here. Watch and then come back here to read my fabulous post. Please.

La Roux-Bulletproof

I dig this song and the video is pretty neat too. I like the relatable message of the song and the lack of sex appeal she has. The boyishness demonstrates how this song is liked because of the music, not the sexy. Tres 80's. With hair like that, how can you not like her? Plus, and this is the main reason I decided to post this, don't you think she sort of resembles the guy who plays Finn on Glee? I think they look like they could be siblings. Also not just looks, but expressions, like, mannerisms. They move the same. Maybe I'm just so desperate to relate real life to Glee I will grasp at straws, but I like to think I'm not. Shh.

I wonder what La Roux's hair looks like wet.
Yes? No? Am I out to lunch?

And ha, ha! I just read a comment on that video and it is almost exactly like mine.

While searching photos of Cory Monteith the suggested search was "cory monteith shirtless". Stay classy.

I'm procrastinating. What else is new? Deadlines to meet and time to spare, you'd think I would be able to get some work done, but nope. Not Callie. Callie is good at avoiding things.

Oh ha, ha! Did I mention the cast party for Beauty and the Beast on here? I don't believe I did. Well, normally I would provide some photos for illustration but I unfortunately didn't bring my camera to that fateful night. Anyway, most people were wearing white shirts that we all decided we would write memories of the musical on during the party, myself included, and I wrote "CALLIE LIKES PARTY" on everybody. Ha ha ha! Capital letters, no punctuation. Yes, cast mates, that is how you shall forever remember Callie McIntosh. Intoxication levels shall not be mentioned. Needless to say, I quite enjoyed that party.

Ugh. I guess I'd better end this post and do some dastardly deeds. By dastardly deeds I mean not this, which is unfortunate. Compared to what I was just doing, this is hugely entertaining.

Well, I hope you ghosts had an alright Sunday. I say alright only because my own was so uninteresting and continues to be, if you can't tell. It must be uninteresting enough for me to have to write about how uninteresting it was in order to create interest, which it has done in an astonishingly satisfying way. I dedicate this post to Joe just because. I'll end today with a period--simple, straightforward, no smudges, black ink.

Salt n Pepa!

What is the world coming to? Moreover, what in tarnation (yes, tarnation) is the weather doing? The last few weeks I was on the verge of heatstroke in my nakedest of clothing with nearly record-breaking temperatures for May, like 35 degrees (which, by the way, hardly even happens in the thick of the summer months), and today I'm wearing a sweater and long pants and wishing we hadn't brought out the air conditioner yet. It's madness. I was all yes tan finally! and now I'm all...not like that. Sigh. Despite how much I dislike the naked dressing one must do in summer, I was really excited to get outside more. I want it to just happen already! And then I want it to be fall again because I love fall and it is the season with the best clothes.

I also want my lips to be not chapped. For whatever reason, they just dried up yesterday and no matter how much I lather them in Chapstick or petroleum jelly or even drink water nonstop to hydrate they won't get nice again. I hate dry lips. It is the worst state of lips existent. It makes everything uncomfortable. In the meantime, though, I suppose I shall just continue drinking litres and litres of water and Chapsticking beyond comprehension and eating supposed "moisture-replenishing" foods, like avocado. The oils in it or some other such nonsense.
Just thought you might like that spelling, ghosts. Also, are three staples really needed there?

05 June 2010

Thou Shall Not Want

On Facebook nowadays there are recommended pages on the right that change every time you refresh or visit a new page, such as links to your friends if you're looking a pictures of them or a fan page of something related to anything you have become a fan of in the past. Today I was looking at some of my old pictures and getting rid of the ones I needed to and I happened to glance over at my recommended pages, which, by the way, I never do because I could care less, plus I have an agenda when I'm on Facebook. Anyway, I suppose at some point I decided to "like" the page DORY, as in Dory from the most excellent Pixar animated film Finding Nemo, and on my recommended page thing it said something I sincerely was not expecting. You would suspect a related page to DORY might be the Finding Nemo fan page or maybe another cartoon, like Shrek or Wall-E or something. Nope, not on Facebook. The most closely related page to DORY they can come up with is--wait for it--Slush Puppies. Yes. Because those are the same thing. An interesting correlation, I thought. Oh, I love that goofy animated fish...hey, a Slush Puppy! Ha, ha, ha. So silly. As a note, Slush Puppies really are delicious.

In other news, as some will know, musical mania is officially over. :( I hate emoticons, in all truthfulness, but I felt that was almost entirely necessary. I'm sad! It feels kind of childish to say it like that, but it is the best way to put it. People say I should be glad to have my life back, but the musical was my life. Now I don't have one. It's strange having so much free time and not seeing my musical family for at least three hours a day. It's not easy to be yourself when you've put your entire self into something and then it's gone, but I'll get there. At least now I can get back to my soul mate (Katelyn, of course, for those who don't know) and we can go on dates and eat cheese and read together again! I'm also hugely looking forward to tanning. My legs are starting to scare me at night because they glow with whiteness.

And on a sort of but mostly not really related note, I have a horrific habit I must stop: music bingeing. I find a song I like and listen and listen and listen and listen until when I listen to it I just want to turn it off and can't listen to it again for a few months. It's awful! I'm ruining good songs for myself and it's really hard to stop. It's like a serial dater--out of one fling and into another because you feel lost if you're not in one (to clarify, I am not a serial dater). I'm a serial listener. I garner such pleasure from one tune that I pour every listening hour I have into it until I have to banish it from every play list, from which I run to the next awesome song because I don't want to have to think about what I want to listen to. Examples include that Electric Feel remix I showed on this here blog, Five Years Time by Noah and the Whale (it's been a while since that, though--I listen to that again), Love Game by Lady Gaga (I know it's awful, but so addictive!) and I think I'm doing it right now with Bad Day by Darwin Deez. Gah! It's just...I don't know. If I don't have a list of music in front of me to tell me what must come next I'll just get into a loop. A vicious, destructive, song-killing loop of torture. There are a few songs I have made myself listen to within reason despite how deeply, even passionately, I want to over-listen, Parachutes by Pearl Jam among them, so I know that I can do it. It's not the ability, it's the decision. As is the case in more serious problems, I'm sure. At any rate, I'm trying not to over-listen to the music I dig right now, so wish me luck. I shall not listen to Darwin Deez again today. I forbid myself!

Oh, but do listen to this. Catchy. I dig it. Shall not music binge. Shall not music binge.

"I am Not a Robot"-Marina and the Diamonds