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25 May 2009


I talked to Rachel in person finally, and macaroni, that girl is thin. Probably due to the fact that she is living on her own with no schooling or food or shifts at work and lots of smoking and hanging around doing nothing. I hugged her and my arms practically hugged myself. Her legs do not touch at all any more, and she was wearing supposed-to-be-tight skinny jeans which were actually very loose, and her shoulders didn't even reach the seams on her shirt where the shoulders of a girl her size ought to have been. This shirt used to be semi-tight around her hips, but it was loose the whole way down, and it was very loose on the boobage. Her boobs are like an A now. Plus the protruding cheekbones. My goodness. "Stop smoking, it's bad for you." "I know, I'm quitting *puts cigarette in mouth*."
Gees, Rachel. Get your act together. Eat a cheeseburger.
And if you're reading this, you know what else to stop doing.
I'm praying for you.

18 May 2009



That dang Katy Perry! She gets me every time. So catchy. So bad.
I just had a big discussion with Marty about Communism. I totally won. He just muscled his way through that argument. Well, you know. Academically muscled, if you understand that. I know what I mean. And that's what matters.
Marty also has a Heart of Lions (HOL), and he decided my heart was of pop tarts. Not equivalent. The story is that he punched me accidentally (so he says) in the heart, which caused me to die, and then Mugs didn't want me dead so he made me a new heart out of pop tarts. Initially I was blaming Mugs for my lack of cool heart substance, but since my feathers have been ruffled about the Communism deal, I blame Marty. He's the one who killed me, after all. Mugs was just trying to help.
Although my heart is sadly of pop tarts (HOP), my legs are wonderfully made of 7000 gazelles. That is wonderful news.
I hung out with Katelyn and Alexandria this fine and wonderful day, and my hair was ridiculously perfect, and the Sun was magically perfect, and the weather was super nice, and it was good times. We took many pictures. We also discovered we get very...excited over this one song, and when it came on, one thing led to another and we ended up grinding on the trampoline. It was also good times, if a little queer of us.
Oh! And we were all wearing blue. It was very nice of us.


I am having a hair debate. Long or short?
I was thinking about my long hair, and how I like the versatility and I like how BAM it is. My hair has power when it's long.
But then I see my short hair, and it's so cute! I love it short. It's so much easier, and it's different.
I don't know what to do! Tell me what you think.
I think right now I'm leaning toward short, but then, yesterday I was kind of leaning toward long, so I dunno.
OK so actually I'm definitely leaning towards short right at this moment, but tell me what you think and give reasons. Reasoning and logic.
We all know what I look like with short hair (see profile if you must), so no pictures of that.

Dancing with Courtland in grade eight. Obviously, I wouldn't grow it as ridiculously long as this. Plus it would look different, because my hair is curlier now.


But I am thinking I will probably keep it short, so this blog is self-defeating.
But give me your opinions anyway, just in case!

17 May 2009


I had some good adventures these past few days. Today Mugs is coming over for dinner, which should be interesting, because we are foodies who eat weird and he is meat-and-potatoes. So good luck to Mugs.

he just looks soooo uncomfortable.

ju jitsu


14 May 2009


Mugs was typing the word "whole" but he typed it as "hole", and the word felt very different.
The word hole feels so empty, especially in comparison to whole. Hole is dark and lonesome and empty. Hole is the sound "hole" in its cleanest form; it is raw, uncut, pure, blunt. It's unabashed simplicity leaves my mouth feeling hollow. Using hole at the end of a sentence denies the sentence the ability to finish properly, if at all. It feels ongoing and shadowy. Hole is the colour of an evergreen tree at dusk, so dense yet so vacant looking.
But the word whole feels so much fuller. It's so satisfying to say. Whole. It's satisfying just to type. It brings light and whiteness and fulfillment. Satiation, even. It's like fluffy white icing that has reached such a state that it floats off your hand like foam when you blow on it. It satisfies you superficially but it reaches so much deeper, too. Whole fills you mouth wholly, you might say. It feels like you have just filled your mouth to the brim with something wonderful, and then you start to smile because you feel your cheeks swell like a chipmunk, and everyone laughs as you try to swallow and it leaks from the corners of your mouth and it's wonderful good times.
Which leads me to the anticlimactic handshake.
We all know of the usual handshake, what with the grasp, the pump(s), and the ultimate conclusion of handshake via letting go. You can, however, go for the more complicated handshake, which, without variations or further complexities, is as follows: grasp, pump, switch to "manshake", pump, release, punch (or "give props"). The build-up of this shake is everything before the punch, especially the release before the punch. The release before the punch is the big indicator that the handshake is about to complete and be fabulous, and as such, finishing this handshake with the release is very annoying.
I know of someone who does just this.
Who does he think he is, getting me all set up for a good solid handshake, then leaving me high and dry at the end? Very not cool! He even does a variation finger thrum on the release, and then just puts his hand down. It's like walking into a brick wall.

10 May 2009

09 May 2009


Saw Star Trek.
For the WIN, BABY!!!!!
I can't even blog about it properly. I'm still wallowing in the deep, powerful awesomeness that this movie is. Emotions definitely running high! AHH. Just how everybody was so AWESOME and how the crew was and Spock and Scotty and EVERYTHING it was so AWESOME. I'm practically exploding. You should have seen me last night!
Oh goodness!
I can't contain myself.
Flawless victory.

03 May 2009


For my Catherine painting, I decided her shirt will be white with little flecks of design on it and it will be ruffly and flowy and very feminine. The background is still a major dilemma. I can totally see a countryside behind her, just a rolling green hill with sunlight pouring in, but I can also see her as this awesome city slicker with like a million people and cars and a sapling in the mix. I think it would be more romantic with a country, but more sexy with the city. More grungy. I don't know. Maybe I'll repaint her face and do another one so I can have both and then decide which one I like better.

02 May 2009


Katelyn totally looks like a man here.

I have so many fabulous pictures from this week! I am having a wonderful week. I'm so in the arty zone, it feels amazing. I love being in the zone. Second best feeling in the world. First is performing.
Anyway, so I'm majorly in the zone today, and yesterday too, and this sexy chick I'm painting is looking uber awesome, but my zone is having a block! Artist's block, you might say. I can't figure out what to do with her. Should I make the background like, a bustling street? Or a country setting? Or just do colour? And I also don't know what colour(s) her shirt should be. I have a few ideas and things, but I realllly don't want to screw it up. So tell me what you think I should do, because I am seriously having issues with this. It's so frustrating. I was just sitting there staring at it for like 15 minutes before I decided I was having a block.
So besides the block, I'm doing really awesome. She looks pretty good, I'd say, and I'm also doing a flamenco dancer, but I can't decide if I want it to be paint or pencil, but I don't need to face that just yet.
I just feel so good! I'm in a fab mood. And I finally put new songs on my iPod after having waited for like, two months, so it feels good to be listening to it. And for once the shuffle is doing a super good job of shuffling, so it's perfectly mixed. It also seems to be playing all of my painting music at once, which was really tremendous since I was painting obviously, but my painting music is either really mellow and quiet (Neil Young, Moldy Peaches) or sexx dance remixes/techno/all that terrible crap that's bad for my musical soul, so it's kind of making me feel bipolar or something. Ha ha! I could just smile all day today. Except that I have to go to Katelyn's and build that stupid project. Arg. But once we're done that, I shall be the smiley one of smiles.
Plus my adventurous dreams were STUPENDOUS last night. They were absolutely insane. The best kind.

Oh yeah (or should I say PS), we went out for pizza after the movie yesterday, which was very unhealthy of us, and it was so hot it blistered my mouth. It was awesome. If you don't get a blister, you didn't enjoy the pizza.

PPS There's a picture up here where I am very dude-like and I know it, which is why I put it up, but I don't know which one it is because blogger is being psycho and only showing me the html of everything, including this font.

PPPS I love you ghosts! Arrrrr!

PPPPS Sorry there's kind of a ridiculous amount of pictures. Overload. It happens when you procrastinate.

PPPPPS Sorry for so many PS's