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28 March 2009

Old Age

I'm being so inconsistent with my blog! Arrrrrg. I have been feeling veddy uninspired indeed. I am currently hanging out with d\friends (gasp) which means for once I'm not having a totally blah Saturday. You know what I'm talking about, Ginny. I'm also using a really freaking frustrating keyboard right now that I want to punch in the face, which I won't, because I am totally non-violence these days. Be proud, Gintron.
I'm certainly proud! Wowza. I can't believe it's been this long. I've gone for a good month or longer without any hitting. I'm so professional. I should get an award. It's such a hugemongous change for me.
but RGG you have no idea how much I hatew this stupid idiot keyboard. I'm going to end this post right now so I can prevent further frustration. What a dumb post. My posts are getting bad in my old age.

21 March 2009

101 Posts

I reached 100 posts with that Woops post! Excellent. It's a shame I didn't notice I was at 99, or I would have made that 100th post much less of a sad and wasteful piece of crap. Although, now that I know what post number I am at, the 101st isn't looking any better than the 100th. Hats off to my ability to amuse myself whilst procrastinating, and making it look like maybe a little bit more than procrastination. Maybe. Probably not.
Anyway, I'm really tired. I went to see Knowing tonight with NICOLAS CAGE who is one of my most favourite ones of all, and it was terrifying. Now, if you are a horror movie-watcher, this will probably do nothing more for you in the fear/suspense department than would Monsters Incorporated. However, I am a sappy wimp, or perhaps a wimpy sap, and I become very emotionally involved in movies (that is the sappiness); I also am very able to be horrified by a string section playing continuous, creepy notes with the tymphs booming in here and there, and a guy running into a forest armed with a flashlight and panting breaths (that is the wimpiness). I know how to do mind over matter, and remember that I'm just watching a movie and not to be scared or sad or whatever it is, but why do that? Does that not defeat the purpose of watching a movie? Do you not go see it to forget about matter, to become involved in someone else's world, to let yourself delve into the web of emotions that is spun in film? That's why I love movies. They can take you away and feel happy or sad or angry or embarassed or frightened or any number of things. It's crazy. So I guess I like being a sappy wimp/wimpy sap. It allows me to become involved in the film and stare intently at tyhe screen like its all that matters. It's exactly what they want us to do, and I liek doing it! Movies are awesome. Awesome, awesome.
Anyway, I found this movie terrifying. I was clutching Katelyn so hard. Remember that this comes from the one who couldn't handle the previews of the movie Prom Night and subsequently left the theatre (with Katelyn, of course, my fellow fearful friend) and saw the Day the Earth Stood Still or something. Whatever action movie was in at the time. Ah, I do love action movies. Regardless of the scariness of it all, I enjoyed it, and I enjoyed my NICOLAS.
After it was done, I was thinking how I shoulnd't be a movie critic, because I wouldn't be able to watch the whole thing without closing my eyes and huddling next the the person one seat over.
Good night, world. I hope you're feeling better.


hahah I just realised I put CHloé's stealth Barry Allen phto up here twice, so yes. I ama ware of it and I don't care enough to change t.

Back in the Dot

I'm all returned to Collingwood now. It was a good week. Matches.



Chloé's cat glasses

Chloé's file for her Arden stories or ideas or something.


Bus stop

We were walking somewhere and this guy in front of us had crazily skinny, pasty calves, it was insane. They were about as thick as my forearm. Chloé suggested I take a picture in stealth, so I did.

ad at library

Chloé and Anne in the elevator

I just thought it was funny that the computer at the library considered itself an information portal.

Me at Mac's computer lab thing

Chloé's stealth photo of her philosophy professor.
Now I'm home in C-Dot. I feel inspired to take stealth photos. Also, there are a few videos we (Chloé and I) want to get on our blogs, so expect those at some point. I'll let you ghosts know if they go on my blog or hers.

19 March 2009


chloe put a terrible picutre of me with hathead on her blog. kee hte hathead in mind, should you visit.


I am still still at Chloe's. This is a photo taken in stealth of her philosophy professor,Dr Barry Allen. Barry Allen. She is a creeper. My sister, I mean, because she took it.

This is Chloe, S------ and I after going to see Disney on Ice. It was good I guess. S------ is one of Chloe' clients, and Chloe looks very much like Clint here.

This is the Lion King

A terrible picture of Snow White and her dumb five minute prince. They only had like five minutes in the whole show anyway, just to acknowledge their existence. They were rather insignificant.

The many Genies of Aladdin. As in Genie multiplied himself.

The "malfunctioning zamboni"
I say that in quotes because it neither malfunctioning nor a zamboni.

Chloe and Anne at the library.

Chloe and Anne smoking I guess? Well Anne wasn't smoking.

My newly shortened hair, by Chloe.

A sign that was most unfortunately very badly written, for all to see. People are dumb.

17 March 2009

Still at Chloe's

I told you there would be more pictures. This is Chloe and Anne in the library elevator.

Chloe and Anne taking a stroll

Chloe's vanity.

The plant at the library that looked like hair. I was going to put this picture up anyway, but as soon as it looked like I wasn't going to, Chloe had a freakout at me, so it's a good thing I did.

Me reading at the library, wearing the worst outfit known to mankind. "Shacket"

Library elevator photo

Anne's coffee at Pam's

Anne having a gay old time


Chloe looking mighty exhausted by the weight of giant Neo. Carmela being small.


He is so gigantic.

And proud

Puppy is looking kind of scary int his one.
And that's all for now.

At Chloe's

So, I am now visiting my sister in Hamilton, and we have had a few adventures, such as my meeting Anne, locking myself out of the bathroom and breaking a mug. And it's only Tuesday. This is a picture of Kyle, which has nothing to do with March break, but I thought I'd put it on here anyway, because it is random and wondrous. And he's not even eating Burger King.

This is Chloe with the quill pen I bought her in England. It accentuates her smallness.

Chloe has this bead book of things you can do with beads, and they have this little girl modeling the creations, and she is just so freaky looking. I have no idea why they made her the model, or why she was making such a terrifying face. She is like this in all the pictures.

We ate fake chicken nuggets and Chloe poured a lot of sauce for dipping. It was like it was its own being.

Chloe's cat food.

Chloe's hat on an upside down thing.

Her wonderfully varying closet.

A poster

She is a Communist, and she does have a flag. So suck on that, Luaks.

This is Neo, and he is outrageously large. He is like a genetic mutation, and he is my favourite of Chloe's many cats. He is liek the aplha male of his very small pride. This is not because he is the onyl male. He would be the alpha regardles of the amount of male cats that existed in the pride. Anyway, he's huge, and I call him Lionel. Like a Lion.

We went grocery shopping and a cucumber decided to show up in the soup aisle.

The trip to Chloe's proved to exhibit a wonderful sunset.

And this was on the trip there again, and she has a good and great and great and good hat.

In other news, Chloe filmed our little tour of Sheridan College campus fromt eh window of the car, and itwas interesting. Dave, her boyfriend, was giving the tour. When we got home, we put it on ehr computer, and then recorded ourselves watching the video, and then watched that video, and it was very awesome. It was...very awesome. It proves our lack of life, and we shall post it here in the future. More pictures to come.