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27 October 2009


Well, my plan was to start this post with: "At this point in my life, I cannot find my camera" but then I found it, so that won't work any more. I guess I'll try, "At this point in my life, I know with certainty the whereabouts of my camera." Except maybe it would be better without quotation marks. You get the idea.
Anyway, it has really suckled not having my camera the last couple of days. It also sucks because it was in a really obvious place and I don't know how I missed it, so I feel silly for having not found it for so long. Like earlier today I saw this photo just aching to be taken, and I said to myself, I must run home to grab my camera and then run back to take the photo while I still can! But then I thought, oh, dear me, I am unaware of my camera's whereabouts at this time, therefore this opportunity must be denied the joy of being taken. It was a terrible misfortune.
I was just about to tell you ghosts what I'm doing right now, but then I realised I have a Right About Now box for that. I shall update the device shortly.
I made brownies. I'm not sure how outstandingly delicious they will be, but I tried.
Alright. This blog sucks. I'm going to quit and try again another day.

24 October 2009


I had such a wonderful day and night yesterday! Mugs and I were celebrating six months of wonder. We made cupcakes! And decorated them! And they tasted truly delicious. We went to go see Where the Wild Things Are and it was AWESOME. I definitely want to buy it. It was so awesome! They turned the simple little book into this deep and metaphoric piece. I loved it. Then we took some marvelous pictures (and videos) and it was great fun. I made him yet another Love CD, among other things, and bought him cookie dough, because I know he loves it. He bought me a legal pad of paper (wooooooooooooooooot!), bath stuff (which included shower gel, body lotion, back washer, nail brush and bubble bath--all honey-scented!), chocolate-covered espresso beans (my breakfast today) and beautiful red roses. And he made me go downstairs when we got to his house until he was "ready", which meant he was getting the gifts all out and putting on a suit! It was adorable and wonderful. I came upstairs and he was in his suit holding roses and being all romantic and splendid. It was wonderful. And the gifts were supremely thoughtful.
In other news, I've been meaning to blog all week but I've been super busy. Sorry. There was something I wanted to blog about but I can't remember what it was. I'll have to start making notes. In fact, that's definitely a great idea, because I don't even have to keep track of the note to remember what I'm trying to remember. Just seeing it in writing will help me keep it in mind. Isn't that weird how your memory works? Your brain is just like inexplicably capable of retaining information for recalling later. It's so cool. I love brains! Alright. I've got to stop talking about this, or I'll never stop.
I love you Muggin!

11 October 2009

Oh Baby.

I went for a stroll with the canine today, as evidenced by the photos. It was much colder than I had anticipated, and I am still suffering because of it. I can't raise the core temperature of my hands. They are icy. I went all for comfort today, though--instead of the jeans I usually opt for, I wore sweats, a t shirt, sweatshirt, and even Crocs. I could care less how I look right now. It's a wonderful feeling.
Anyway, on this beautiful cold day, I brought my camera, also evidenced by the photos. It feels good to see all the photo ops and actually take advantage of them once more. There were two I ignored because my hands were too cold, but it's alright. I had a good time. It was nice and windy by the water, which is where I went.
I've decided again that I love going to the water with Clara when it's cold. Remember my painting in the snow idea? And how wild that would be and everything else? Yes. Like that. It's inspiring. I love the darkness and I love the clouds and how you're not supposed to be at the beach when the temperature is negative. It's wonderful indeed. I feel so good when I'm there, isolated with just my body and my thoughts and my dog and the beauty. I think wild thoughts. Some worth sharing, some secretive, some so fleeting I don't even remember them, but I know they must have happened. I just love it. It's like my special place where I get to find myself and be myself and not have to dwell on anything but the cold, cold darkness of the naked, deserted beach. It's solitary and deep. And I like it.

10 October 2009

The Birds and the Bees and the Hornets

I went to work today, that wonderful place that makes you smell bad and feel fattened and want to sleep. While at work, I had a break, that wonderful time at work where you get to sit on a disgusting-looking couch and have policies shout at you from the walls and watch television without a choice of which show is on. Some days, the shows are really very awful. This awful sort of show usually means the channel is on Much.
Fortunately, today I had no such luck. The channel was National Geographic, which you may expect to be boring due to its nerdy reputation, but it was really rather fascinating! The show was Deadliest Animals on Earth or something like that and they showed giant hornets, some kind of rhino, crocodiles and polar bears. It was all very interesting, but what struck me the most was the hornets.
Perhaps it struck me because it made me think of Mugs, perhaps it struck me simply because it was the first creature shown. Perhaps it was both of those things. Mostly I think it struck me because of the organization and nature of the things. These bugs are the size of a deck of cards. Cards, for goodness' sake! Humongous. Hence the name giant hornet. It was so intriguing to see the way they did everything. Everything is so logical and sensible and intelligent. The way they create the little hexagonal safe places for the young, it's insane! How do they know a hexagon is what they need? And it showed one of them killing a praying mantis. It like crawled up to the mantis and jumped on it and then decapitated it with its pincers. It was madness! Then it chewed up the body into little balls of praying mantis wonder and flew it home to the babies to feed them. These hornets can kill a whole colony of bees in three hours and proceed to feed the carcasses to their young. Three hours, and a whole colony is out the window! It's insane! And the hornets look like monsters next to the bees! The bees look like infants! These hornets can kill a human. Their venom attacks your nervous system. One colony lasts for six months, and kills around 40 humans during that time. Insane (woah, déja vu).
It's all so perfect and wonderful. They know exactly what they need to feed the youngins, and they know it's important to feed them well because they can't do it on their own and the colony needs them to sustain itself. They make so much sense. They know who matters and they are selfless and live to make their world of gigantic wasps functional for them. We could learn from them.

Evening, subjects


09 October 2009

Do the Doo-Wop

Fall presents so many beautiful photo opportunities I fail to take advantage of. It's unfortunate, really. All the leaves with the wetness pouring on them, or off of them, or slowly drying around them with the little drops placed so aesthetically. I do love fall. Perhaps since we have been truly experiencing fall for the past little while (over two weeks straight of rain, clouds and wind) that I felt so inspired to blog it up. Fall just feels so wonderful! Quite invigorating.
My plans for tonight consist of nothing, because I am a loser with no friends who aren't workaholics. Well, that's not true, but everyone is working tonight, and I'm sitting at the computer by myself on this blustery Friday evening. Woot. plan was to make this a really very good blog, but I'm drawing a blank. Maybe the acknowledgment and ensuing analysis of my loserishness brought my blog potential down a few points. Actually many points. Many, many points. I will try to get a good one germinating in my brain for you ghosts, and who knows, maybe I'll write it on my napkin again.
Also, Katelyn took a photo of my with wonderfully wet glasses and a creepy face going on, so I thought I'd share that loveliness with you.

08 October 2009

And that's the way it is

I have been trying to come up with a good follow-up to my getting back to business blog, but I could not think of one for the longest time (meaning a few days). Then today on the way home from dance, I felt the blog come! It was wonderful!
I was listening to Other Side by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and in one line he says "a cemetery where I marry the sea", and I recalled a conversation I once had with Rachel about that very line. She was going on about how stupid the lyrics of that song were, and she mentioned that line in particular. She wondered what the words meant, so I offered the interpretation that it might mean he was at the grave of his significant other, and since he could no longer be with to her, he would "marry the sea", or dedicate himself to fishing or something. Rachel still found it stupid, by the way, but that is beside the point.
What this recollection did was lead my thoughts to the idea of marrying the sea, and I thought about how many people have married the sea over the years. So many fisherman and captains of boats and things. I started thinking that the sea has a lot of spouses indeed.
I then proceeded to think of the sea as a polygamist. My original thoughts were that those who married the sea were considered its wife regardless of whether they were male, because the usual way of polygamy is a husband having many wives. But then I figured that most of those married to the sea were men, plus the sea is, in my mind, a beautiful woman (perhaps a seductress!?), so I changed my image to it being one wife with many husbands.
This is the part when I determine my blog topic!
I thought, since it is a gender reversal, does this not make the sea a reverse polygamist? I was so excited to come up with this statement, I wrote it on a napkin so I wouldn't forget. It put a big, fat, satisfied smile on my face. The sea is a reverse polygamist! For surely the reverse of one husband with many wives is many husbands with one wife, correct? However, in my research I discovered that polygamy, by definition, is not a husband with many wives, but simply one with many spouses. So, by definition, I suppose this means the sea is not a reverse polygamist, as there is no gender specification, but as polygamy is viewed by society and presumably by polygamists themselves (a man with many wives), the sea would qualify as a reversal of the practice. How strange polygamy is.
Also, I put the picture of me on here because my hair is straight! I got it cut recently but it is extremely short, so short in fact, that if I were to wear it curly I would look absolutely ridiculous and poodle-esque. That is not the look I'm going for, so I will be wearing it straight from now on, until further notice, which will happen when substantial regrowth has occurred. Plus, my hair was looking totally awesome that day, and I wanted to remember the good hair day. Good haird days make me feel like a champ.
I end today with a very plump period, like you put your pen down and the ink blotted because you got distracted by your cat trying to eat your cookies while you were on the phone.

05 October 2009


Alright. So, I am very well aware that I most unfortunately have not been keeping up on my dear blog at all as of late, and any blogs that I have done have been kind of half-hearted. Actually, they have been most painful and bad indeed. However, Mugs said he looked through all my blogs right from the get-go (or at least the artificial get-go, because I deleted the first few really lame posts), and he said that he liked my old ones better than my more recent ones, and that my most recent ones have been crap, pretty much. I agree. I would be kind of hurt by this, but I will not be, and I instead will feel inspired to turn over a new blogging leaf. By that I mean I will turn the current leaf back over to the side it was on previously, that is, the good side upon which I blog frequently and with quality. I'm not sure exactly when the blog leaf turned over; it sort of happened gradually in a soft breeze I didn't even take the time to acknowledge. Nonetheless, a tornado will sweep over this leaf, and my blog will be back in business. Yes, I will waste some more time on the computer blogging when I could be doing useful things like homework or excersizing or doing chores. Yes, I will feel lazy and put my abnormal thought patterns on a public forum at night. Yes, I will regain my computer-chair posture in the evenings and afterwards stand up to cracking, locked joints and that wonderful mixture of feeling both accomplished at having blogged so well and extremely unproductive for having worked so hard at a blog rather than something else. Yes, I will glue my camera to my hand again and document my days in pictures, and yes, I will restart blogging.