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26 March 2008

The Joys of Active Living

I just want to complain about how sore I am right now. It's ridiculous. My dance teacher is doing this whole new ab thing that takes like 35 mins to do and it's INTENSE. It works the legs too. Plus, I'm doing track and field and that's intense too, especially when we do the jogging/stamina/endurance stuff. I have like, zero stamina. Dancing is a sprint. Thus, I am a sprinter. Anyway, my legs are killing me, my butt is killing me, my feet are always killing me, and tomorrow my abs will be killing me. And if it's possible, my lungs will too.

07 March 2008


In my Aristocats rant, I spoke of the evil in media, but it should not go unsaid that there is some very good media out there.
Such as March of The Penguins (I have remembered the magic of italics today). This is a fabulous documentary on a year in the life of Emperor penguins. They are very cool animals. The movie is very educational and insightful, it has some wicked shots of the animals and their habitat (both above and below the water--it has one shot of a leopard seal stalking the penguins, and it's in the seal's mouth--very cool), and not only is it all of this fabulousness, it's narrated by Morgan Freeman. Excellent voice. Plus, these ridiculously cold climates have always interested me. I've done a lot of research on the arctic, and now I've done a bit on the Antarctic. I'm cool like that.
Another phenomenal movie is The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. I don't want to do it injustice by explaining it improperly, so go watch it. Right now! Hehe. It's amazing. It had me crying my eyeballs out. It is a profound tale exquisitely executed. Wonderful.
War Dance is one that will make you want to change the world. It too made my eyes overflow with tears.
What is it with me and liking sob movies? Maybe I'm just a suck. Anyway, there are more movies and music and such that I would love to rant about, but I have an essay to write. So more on this later, I suppose.