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29 February 2008

A Pole With That Stripper, Please

OK. I am currently watching the Aristocats, an oldish movie which I've wanted to watch for a little while now.
Talk about politically incorrect, Batman.
At the part where the tomcat takes all the rich cats to his little house thing with his friends and they're all singing, and the white girl cat starts playing the harp, do you know what she says? This is what she says: "If you want to turn me on, blow some soul into the tube." Are you freaking KIDDING me. How explicit is that? Not for children's ears. I mean, when I was a child I didn't understand what she was saying, probably because my house was so loud I could faintly hear the odd strum of the harp strings. But honestly. That is so.nnngh. I didn't realize what a skeazebag that Duchess cat was. Go watch the movie! Do you not agree? She just struts her stuff around all day, flirting shamelessly with the tomcat, and in front of her babies! Batting her eyelashes and getting all cozy-cozy with him. Great example she's setting. I mean, obviously it's just a cartoon, but kids these days are getting enough bad influences from modern media. They don't need it from old media too.
Also, it's again with the racism (again meaning like in Peter Pan--that's why the red man's red. Ridiculous), when the 'oriental' cat starts playing the piano with chopsticks, and is playing really simple notes and things, and he says, "Chopsticks used to play this song (I think that's what he says), fortune cookie always wrong". HELLO. This cat also 'happens' to have buck teeth, crossed eyes, a goofy voice/laugh, is completely crazed, and an overall unintelligent appearance. Does it get any more despicable?
Those movies are all really great, and I enjoy watching them, but really. It's unbelievable the things we put in our children's brains, if only subconsciously. I guess that's why they make new movies that are up to date on political correctness. I just wish the politically correct movies didn't SUCK so bad.

25 February 2008

We Wore Pink

Friday, February 22, 2008, Murray Hammond died.
I never really knew what illness he had, but he had been in a wheelchair for a few years. I discovered yesterday that he had muscular dystrophy, which is pretty much when your muscles all fail over time, and as the heart is a muscle, his failed (he may have had a heart attack--I'm not very keen on the details at this point), and he passed away.
I remember what he was like before he was in a wheelchair. He was so energetic. Eventually he had to go into a wheelchair, and he was still energetic, but it would never be the same. He couldn't use his legs. How could it be the same? His sense of humour remained through and through. He was hilarious. He went to church with his family every week, as well as the church's youth group. I think he was truly faithful to God, and is with him now.
Obviously this can't be easy on anybody. Today, when there was an announcement at school about his death and the funeral arrangements, my English teacher nearly cried. He was having a rough time telling us about Murray.
It must be crazy having to deal with your child dying, and I will support the Hammonds as best I can during this time. I pray for them all the time. He has an older sister too, who goes to our school. I saw her today, and it's so brave of her to be there.
I really believe he's with God right now, in a better place with no suffering, no pain, no muscular dystrophy. And lots of the colour pink. I know he's happy there.
And I know he's walking.

We love you, Murray.