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22 July 2010

Good Morning Vietnam!

Ha, ha, ha. I make that my title because it is what the character Michael Scott says on The Office when he starts a speech, and we have been watching a lot of The Office lately since I am now *trumpet sounds* at Chloe's!

Been taking pictures and hanging with clients. It's a good time and I would prefer for this to be a photo post rather than words because I think that is more effective for this scenario, but I forgot my necessary technology at home and thus I cannot upload any photos today. It will have to be when I get home, probably on Sunday, which is the day after I get home.

So far this week we have achieved incredible feats: I've had very substantial breakfasts every day, I've woken up early to go work out, I worked out after working all day (which is saying something, because nobody likes to do that) and, the biggest of all, I crossed a huge bridge and lived to tell the tale.

I'm very proud of myself. I am afraid of crossing bridges, most of them, and this was no ordinary, light-traffic, five-second Collingwood bridge crossing a river or ravine: it was a very, very long bridge with lots of fast-moving traffic (including BUSES and TRUCKS which are freaky to have speed past you even when you aren't walking across a death trap) that took a long to cross and it was passing over even more traffic while simultaneously being on a mountain. The first time we went up the mountain I was panicking. I was already hot and breathless from biking uphill toward the mountain as it was, and it only got worse as we got off of our bikes and hauled them up the bridge on the WRONG effing side of the road because there is no sidewalk on the SAFE side with all this freaky traffic surrounding me and we were all close to the edge and there's cracks in the sidewalk so it must mean the bridge is falling apart and my helmet will come off and go over the edge and I will be upset and the whole world will end and the guy who is standing on the bridge looking suicidal is going to grab me and hurl the both of us over the edge and I'll die knowing my fear was entirely rational.

I actually cried a little bit crossing that bridge.

Part of me, after reaching the sweet mercy of solid earth, wanted to stop moving and sit down and cry and be scared and dwell on my frantic emotions but I'm glad we kept moving, because we had a client to see and it gave me a chance to calm down and pep talk myself and have internal solution meetings.


So, a feat indeed. I am still horrified at the prospect of crossing bridges, particularly that one, but somehow I know I should be glad I made it. Going back down wasn't as bad because we were biking and it was downhill so it went quickly, but the traffic was more frightening since I was closer to it and the tire is sort of warped so it looked like it was going to wiggle right off at the high speed and was scaring the crap out of me. However, I did it, and...that is a big deal.

I met three clients I didn't meet last time. One of them commissioned me to beat some songs on Rock Band because I am an all-star, one had flavoured coffee which isn't really my thing but I drank a lot of it and the other is a Chloe-described "horndog" who "likes anyone that is good-looking". I was presented this description by Chloe when I asked her if he liked me. I don't mean to make him sound bad because he is very good, but I thought I would share that tidbit with you. This is Chloe's refreshingly bright and pleasant perspective.

In other news, we are using the computers at McMaster University because Chloe has no internet, as mentioned in my "Right About Now" thing over there, and Facebook isn't working! AUUUUUUGH. This is a disaster. I was in the middle of several conversations with people I haven't seen all week and I wanted to write on the walls of those who weren't on! I would call them but I don't know when anybody is home, which is usually never, and I don't want to make them call me back long-distance just to talk when we could do it for free on Facebook. Sigh. Truly unfortunate.

Oh, and if I didn't already mention, I did audition for that musical and, what I know I haven't mentioned, is that I did get a part! Woo! So did my friends CJ and Carly! This is awesome. CJ got a really awesome part. We are doing "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and CJ is Charlie's Grandpa! Isn't that sweet? He's like the main male other than Willy Wonka, but he I think probably does even more than Willy in some aspects. I'm so happy for him. I'm Mrs Teavee, Mike Teavee's mother. She has a singing part apparently in the musical version that I don't know about at all, but that's good! Mike Teavee is the last kid to get kicked out anyway so that means more stage time. I am also super-excited! Carly plays one of the Grandmothers. I'll bet she's the grouchy one. So, success. Eventful days ahead.

And guess what else this means?

Musical mania is back, baby!

Let's start living again.

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You're watching The Office, this is good.