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21 August 2010

The End

Hello, blogosphere. I have some news.

I know I have been absent from writing on this blog and visiting others. Usually this would cause me grief and even guilt, but lately, not so much. You see, my ghosts, I think my blogging days have reached a sorrowful but honest conclusion.

It isn't as if I dislike blogging. In fact, I quite enjoy writing about my days or ranting in righteous anger, or even simply pondering this reality I have accepted. I will continue to do that as I have been doing in my absence: writing for myself. I love my blog and everything about it, but I don't feel I need to devote specific time or be accountable to my blog or anyone else with such writing. I get the same satisfaction and pleasure and release from writing privately as I did from this blog, so I am going to continue to pursue that medium in the freedom and tradition of my own handwriting. It's saddening but realistic.

My blog itself is a lizard. You ghosts may not know that very well, but I have always referred to it as my lizard blog. He is passing on. I'm sorry, my beautiful, dedicated, cherished lizard, but I'm saying good bye to you. I'll miss you and think of you when I write in my writing book.

I'm not going to delete my blog and I'll keep reading the blogs I like, but I'll no longer consider myself a blogger. Perhaps I'll come back to it later on, or perhaps all my writing will grow old and dusty with me as my only re-reader forever. I'm at peace with either outcome. While I know this blog isn't particularly known by anyone, it does have a few loyal readers who deserve to know that I am legitimately done blogging. I look back at my most eager blogging days with satisfaction and my best writing with pleasure. I'll no longer think, "That would be a good blog." I'll just write it down and be happy with that, and share it with my friends if it's something worth sharing. Without further ado, I bid a bittersweet farewell to my internet love knowing the blogosphere will keep on trucking with dutiful endurance.


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Joe said...


We'll miss you here on the interwebs callie.