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14 July 2010

And This is Why They Love Me

I was home alone after having amde a second trip downtown to buy cat food, and I thought, I know, since I'm at home doing nothing, I shall be wonderful and make the Tofurkey feast that is in the freezer by its lonesome!

Then I read the instructions and I found out that the roast must either be thawed in the fridge for 24 hours or cooked for over 3 hours if from frozen. I saw that the time was around 7 and decided a feast at 1030 was sort of redundant, so I put it in the fridge for tomorrow night after work (which means a feast around 930, but nonetheless).

So I was searching the fridge and I said I shall make a dijon vegetarian chick'n breast for myself. Then I read the back of that package for teh sake of it, simply because I never have, and it suggested serving it with potatoes and broccoli. And then I thought: I shall make a feast indeed.

We didn't have broccoli so I made carrots instead. Plus I like carrots better than broccoli. I boiled them, made little tiny potato things in the oven with oil and basil and salt and pepper (I forgot garlic. Can you believe it?) and made the chick'n dijon breast for me and salmon for the mother. Then I cleaned up the whole kitchen, vacuumed the kitchen and living room, wiped the dining room table and set it for two with artificial candle light (because I couldn't find matches). I put on dinner music and brought out some delicious wine.

Need I say more?

It was delicious. Then I had a delicious peanut butter fudge bar thing from the batch of peanut butter fudge bar things I made the other day (they are so, so, so delicious and so, so, so bad for you) for dessert and Baileys on ice. I feel awesome. Now I am going to go to Katelyn's to swim and eat probably not very much but eating is mandatory when I hang out with...actually, it's pretty much mandatory no matter what I'm doing, except working. I eat all the time. Regardless, it shall be glorious.

Oh! Also, Simon discovered my Guitar Hero prowess the other night and I totally PWNED him. And it was a version of GH I've never even played! He beat me at DBZ (Dragon Ball Z), though, unfortunately. However, I will say that he had been playing that version of DBZ a long time before I went over and I'd never played that version before. I think I did okay for a first try.

ANYWAY. I hope you guys had as productive a day as I did. Oh, did I mention I worked out and dropped off resumes, too? Yeah. Good day.


full_of_puppy_love said...

why are you dropping off resumes? i thought you just started a new job? im glad you are still good at guitar hero because i have a client and his brother who are expecting big things of you in rock band.

Callie said...

oh noo! the rock band guitars suck. they don't feel the same. i shall do my best though.
and i'm dropping off resumes because the payroll at pita pit is kind of sketchy and i want to be sure i'm getting paid on time. i'll stay there if i don't get hired elsewhere sort of thing.