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17 July 2010

With Desire

I feel another productive day coming on. Don't you just love those?

So, I have much going on. Today I work at eleven but I woke up forty-five minutes before my alarm which has allowed me time to write a blog before I leave. Excellent start! Now I'm eating coffee flavoured yogurt that is so delicious and watermelon that has conveniently been pre-rinded by somebody so I don't have to carry out my compost. Woo lazy! I took this shift for someone else and it's only four hours, so when I get home at a mere three in the afternoon I will begin packing for my adventure.

Packing, you say? Adventure, you say? Why, yes, both of those things were not typos, surprisingly. I'll be packing for my adventure to ChloƩ's! Yay! I will be visiting for a week as I did last March Break and seeing all of her wonderful clients and living the life of ChloƩ for seven days, which I suppose can be described as "living large in Hamilton", and which you can also experience the bloggy way on her energy-efficient, black backgrounded blog, Science, Tea and Cats. I don't think she meant for it to be energy efficient, but I thought I'd point it out anyway.

So yes! I am quite excited for that sisterly bonding session. Perhaps we will do crazy things like make videos of our days and then make videos of ourselves watching our days and then make yet more videos of ourselves watching ourselves watch our days. Pretty crazy, right? Ha, ha, ha, we actually did that last year. Only in our family, I think. I doubt I'll be coming home with a new hairdo this time though.

Back to today's plans, though: After I pack, at least a little bit of packing (not that I should pack too much, as I learned last year, since it will be slept on by the cats and subsequently covered in cat hair which equals lots of laundry, plus we'll be biking a lot so I won't wear too nice of clothes to sweat in [this means few clothes because most of my clothes are nice]), I will be hanging out with Katelyn as she also gets off work at three today, and we shall do something or other (of stupendous proportions, of course) until eight-ish, at which point I will transfer to Simon and we are either going to hang out in some way (which will probably include video games!) or we will attend a party if he found one for us (which will probably include dancing!) and then I will go home and sleep and sleep and sleep.

And then tomorrow will be upon me, like a wave upon the shore, and I will start that day, hopefully with as much vigour and ambition as today began.

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